Thursday, April 2, 2009

gardening season begins...


i love gardening... almost as much as i love eating all the tasty stuff you can grow... like tomatoes from the garden... drool... where was i?...

last summer we were living out in the champlain islands... we had a large yard with several raised beds we had built ourselves... we have since moved to the city of burlington and we are living in a condo with a small balcony and no backyard... but i can't get through a summer with out digging in the dirt...

this year i actually will have two gardens... i am going to be having a community garden space in the intervale... which will be my personal plot... and i am going to be participating in a community shared garden with a group of people from the condo complex... it is still in the planning stages... but as of right now it is looking like 1 big community plot worked on by the group where all the work and reward will be shared... and i will be tricking out my balcony too...

it is going to be interesting working in a community garden environment... i have only gardened on my own property before... i am really excited at the idea of sharing the experience of gardening with other people... and helping teach new people how amazing having your own garden can be...


this year i am starting my own seeds... this is the first time i have started seeds indoors... a friend and i bought potting soil, several plastic starter trays and seeds... and went to town...

here is what we planted so far:
8 brandywine tomatoes
8 black cherry tomatoes
8 mixed italian eggplants
8 zuchini
8 yellow squash
8 mixed pepper plants
4 cucumber
4 moon and stars watermelon
8 pumpkin
12 snap peas
12 purple peas
6 basil
3 conflower
3 chamomile
and some flowers too

i would love to plant more... but there is limited surface area to be had in my tiny apartment... so this will have to do... plus... i can always buy more plants once the season is in full swing...




  1. Kate, where in the heck are you going to put all these plants? On your deck?

  2. i have a community garden plot in the intervale and we are starting a community garden in our condo complex... and i am going to put some pots on the balcony tooo...

  3. kate, you are amazing!!!! your blog is great, makes me want to get out the rolling pin. i want to be you when i grow up

  4. i love you mom... i can't wait to see you this weekend...